Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Egr Valve on a Ford Focus?

I have a 2004 Ford Focus and it's been making this click/ticking noise when i'm turn it on, speed up, or just accelerate on the gas. So i took it to have an oil change to see if it was low oil and that wasn't it. So now that my dad looked at it for me the end part on the egr valve line has somewhere broke off or came off. I was wondering how much is that or could i just buy that little piece or replace the whole line. Here's what it looks like Valve on a Ford Focus?
If you have an auto zone by you you can call they will tell you but honestly you will prob have to replace the whole thing.Egr Valve on a Ford Focus?
more than likely have to buy the complete egr valve. it comes as an assembly. not in pieces. as for cost it varies from vehicle to vehicle.Egr Valve on a Ford Focus?
You should be able to get that part at a auto parts store .Just give them the year , make ,modeland engine size and they should fix you up.I don't think it will be over 10. bucks.for that part.Egr Valve on a Ford Focus?
The ford dealer can sell just the EGR tube to you. It shouldn't be very much (less than $50). Make sure you replace the gasket.
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