Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to change a EGR valve on 95 saturn?

Assuming that it is a non-digital EGR valve, there are two nuts which hold the valve in place. You loosen the nuts, scrape the old gasket off the manifold and install the new EGR valve with the new gasket. Digital EGR valves come off basically the same way. Good luck to youHow to change a EGR valve on 95 saturn?
I don't know where it's located or how it's set up on your Saturn. However you would be wise to go to the dealership and order the full maintenance manual that the deal mechanics use for working on your car. That will explain everything to you (most likely in non-layman terms)How to change a EGR valve on 95 saturn?
This is so wierd. I literally just installed an EGR on a 99 Saturn SL2. It is very simple, one of the easiest I have seen. Disconnect the battery, one terminal. Then remove the intake hose that runs to the trottle body. It is the big hose on top, it has one clamp at the entrance to the throttle body. Fold it out of the way. The EGR is now easily reached, one bolt, one nut, and one threaded stud is all yo have to take off. On my 99 there is a bracket that has to be removed from the throttle body via one nut. After that the EGR pops off. Can do it literally in 15 minutes.

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