Saturday, November 20, 2010

What could the problem be? 2001 escape?

i have a problem with my 2001 ford escape, when i step on the gas is hesitates the acceleration and it fields forced, also im getting low millage on gas, i already change the egr valve and an oxygen censor, i was told it could be the catalytic converter but i don't want to put more money in to it if im not 100% sure of what the problem is, i was also told that the escape has three catalytics and if this is true how would i know witch one is bad?

I already did a check up and it keeps giving me a code for a bad oxygen sensor.What could the problem be? 2001 escape?
Here is the plain truth

When was the last time you changed the tranny fluid, every 10,000 miles, no? ooops

Clean the throttle-body ? every 10,000 no, then ooops

Tune-up at 100,000 miles with PVC valve, no, then ooops

There are indeed three cats, one on each side of the engine with an o2 sensor before and after, then there is the one on the tail-pipe end after the two cats which is in line before the muffler, then the resonator at the end where the tail pipe is. Most likely you need to replace the cat under the car viewed from the under the passenger side door, you will view a seam to the head exhaust pipe. When this gets blocked from not changing your o2 sensors in time. Every 90,000 miles. If you have allot of back pressure, this will make it feel like it is indeed being forced to move forward. Most likely it would be the first o2 sensor in the front before the cat where the radiator is, its under the front of your engine to the left of the water pump. It is really hard to remove without the proper o2 sensor socket, and it takes a hand only size socket 3/8 with universal to get this out. A bad o2 sensor will render you bad gas mileage but so will fouled fuel injectors.

You will also be required soon to replace the number one sparkplug coil, this will create a hesitation in accelreationWhat could the problem be? 2001 escape?
There should be rules about who can respond to these questions. Wow...

Anyway, you never told us what code. %26quot;Bad oxygen sensor%26quot; code doesn't hack it, I want the code number. Just one code or a couple?

Why would you slam an EGR in this thing?

Really, if just one of the pre-cats were restricted you would have misfire codes.

Sorry, that's about all I can tell you until you provide me some data.

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