Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much does a EGR valve cost to have replaced?

I have a 2000 Chevy Impala. I just had work on my car and when I got it back, it jerked when it was changing gears, which is something it never did before. Then my check engine light came on and they said that I needed my EGR valve replaced, how expensive does that repair get?How much does a EGR valve cost to have replaced?
its an easy job to do it your self if you have are mechanically inclined. if you have the 3800 V6 its very easy to replace your self the valve will cost you about 180 by its self. but you should try to clean it first most of the time the valve is just full of carbon and the solenoid will stick and that in turn will throw a check engine light. 8 times out of 10 EGR valves can just be cleaned out and put back in. But any mechanic will just replace it because it will make them more money. You could also just have the code cleared at your local auto zone for free. if the code does not come back than you are okay. All cars today use a computer system called OBD2. this system has a self diagnostic program in it that will constantly monitor the cars sensors and emission devices. If one of the sensors or emissions devices does not work right it will run a test and if fails the test than the computer will throw a check engine light. If you do it your self it will cost you 10 for the EGR gasket (if it rips) and about 180 for the EGR valve if its bad. A mechanic will chage you about 350 to have it replaced. if you have the 3400 V6 than the EGR valve is about 350 for a newone. and the labor is another 60 or 70.How much does a EGR valve cost to have replaced?
VERY!!!!!!!!!! labor not so bad{about one hour}.... the valve is around {are you sitting down} $345... yha...ask an nouther shop be for you do this an see there answer..How much does a EGR valve cost to have replaced?
before you go through any of that check you vacuum lines they could have a leak, and its only $5 alot of times this is more likely.

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